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What are the Adapted Courses?

Fast.  Dynamic.  Focussed.

Adapt has introduced a new range of ‘Adapt-ed’ workshops.

The Adapted range of 3 hour learning workshops are quick paced to deliver high-impact, dynamic and focussed learning and development in short sessions designed to focus the mind to get immediate results.


3 hours of intense, applied learning and development for staff of all grades covering a diverse range of subjects from Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 to Polishing your Presentation Skills.  Each module has been ‘adapted’ from our full immersion courses and programmes.  The Adapted range is still delivered using our unique approach to training delivery and utilising our award winning trainers.

Our Adapted courses give you an extra edge across a wide range of topics.  Over ?? workshops are available and cover key areas for large or small organisations looking for a more effective way to utilise their time and budget.


The delivery of the workshops at our training centre are timed so that people are only away from work in either the morning or afternoon and if you have a lunch appointment, you’ll still make that too.

If being absent from the office to attend a full day or multiple days in training is too difficult to achieve due to busy work diaries, this 3-hour format is ideal for scheduling purposes and still leaves plenty of time in the day to fit in other meetings and commitments.


  • A 3-hour concentration span is much easier to commit
  • Fitting in a 3-hour learning event is easier than finding time in your diary for 1 or 2 days of training
  • Courses are scheduled so that participants can still make lunch time appointments or return to work/other commitments
  • If you would like to learn or practice a number of new skills, you can select your own preferred mix of courses without having to commit to several days of traditional course durations
  • The intensity of the sessions means that you can book several modules evenly spread across time to suit your own diary planning and timescale
  • The training is delivered by our award winning and highly commended trainers
  • Participant numbers are kept low enabling us to retain the added benefits of class interactions
  • Important module factors are collated into one learning morning or afternoon session

Please note that the Adapted range of courses are delivered as training workshops and not seminars, therefore you will be expected to participate in the learning.

In-house Workshops

Should you have a large number of people requiring training, we would be happy to discuss our range of modules with you or we can tailor them to suit your exact outcome requirements.