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Visio Introduction

Duration 1 day 


Delegates will learn basic concepts for creating flowcharts, cross-functional flowcharts, and organization charts. This includes learning the basics for using and creating shapes, printing drawings, creating custom stencils, and many timesaving shortcuts and techniques designed to increase user productivity.


Basic Windows knowledge and a basic understanding of drawing applications are helpful.

Delivery method

Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


Delegates will learn how to fully utilise Visios drawing features to create professional-looking drawings with increased efficiency. Each project gives you challenging business problems to solve while learning how to create diagrams. Many of the techniques demonstrate the most efficient ways to create diagrams and manage your drawings.

Target delegates

Anyone needing to create basic business graphics using Visio Standard 2000

Performance-based objectives

Lesson objectives help delegates become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning.

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify Visio file types
  • Understand the workings of the drawing window
  • Draw basic objects and reshape them
  • Import graphics into a drawing
  • Identify master shapes and stencils
  • Create custom properties for shapes
  • Create basic flowcharts
  • Create cross-functional flowcharts
  • Create organization charts
  • Know how to use the Page Layout Wizard
  • Know how to use the Organization Chart Wizard
  • Understand how to create organization charts from a spreadsheet
  • Setup spreadsheets for company data to be converted to organization charts
  • Print files
  • Create custom stencils

 Course Content

Lesson 1: Before You Begin

  • Prerequisites
  • Getting Ready
  • Loading The Project Files
  • Software You Will Need Installed
  • Curriculum Overview
  • About The Manual
  • Chapter Overviews
  • Manual Conventions

Lesson 2: Learning Your Way Around

  • Visio Standard Overview
  • Starting A New File
  • The Interface
  • Standard File Types
  • Changing View Settings
  • Panning Across The Page
  • Navigating Pages
  • Opening Additional Stencils
  • Manipulating Stencils
  • Selection Techniques
  • Scaling And Resizing Objects

Lesson 3: Basic Techniques

  • Drawing Tools Overview
  • Drawing Closed Shapes
  • Creating Open Shapes
  • Reshaping With The Pencil Tool
  • Drawing Compound Lines
  • Drawing With Precision
  • Using The Size And Position Window
  • Duplicating Objects Quickly
  • Aligning Objects
  • Distributing Objects
  • Quick Analysis Of Connected Drawings
  • Rotating Objects

Lesson 4: Creating a Basic Flow Diagram

  • Flowcharting Tips
  • Understanding Master Shapes
  • Placing Shapes
  • Adding Shapes With The Rubber Stamp Tool
  • Connecting Shapes
  • Using The Connector Tool
  • The Connect Shapes Command
  • Adjusting Connection Lines
  • Connecting Shapes Automatically
  • Basic Text Features
  • Adding Text To Shapes
  • Adding Text To Lines
  • Adjusting Text Blocks
  • Rotating Text Blocks
  • Formatting Basics
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Text Blocks
  • Formatting Shapes
  • Formatting Lines
  • Adding A Background Shape
  • Dynamic Connectors

Lesson 5: Cross-functional Flowcharting

  • Quick Overview
  • Setting The Layout
  • Understanding Functional Bands
  • Setting File Properties
  • Page And Printer Setup
  • Creating Background Pages
  • Adding Fields
  • Adding Text To The Layout
  • Formatting The Functional Bands
  • Creating Custom Colours
  • Adding Separators
  • Managing Functional Bands
  • Adding Connection Points
  • Adding Detail Pages
  • Linking Diagrams
  • Linking To Other Pages
  • Creating An Off-Page Reference
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Linking To Multiple Files

Lesson 6: Creating Organization Charts

  • Quick Overview
  • Using The Page Layout Wizard
  • Importing Graphics
  • Creating The Organization Chart
  • Adjusting Shape Placement
  • Creating Entire Groups
  • Overriding The Layout
  • Managing Detail
  • Creating Synchronised Copies
  • Custom Properties
  • Organization Chart Wizard
  • Using The Sample Spreadsheet
  • Updating The Chart With The Wizard
  • Printing Your Charts

Lesson 7: Creating Custom Stencils

  • Creating Custom Stencils
  • The Stencil Toolbar
  • Creating New Shapes
  • Adding Shapes To The Stencil
  • Adding Imported Shapes
  • Editing Master Shapes
  • Saving The Stencil
  • Using The Custom Stencil