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The Essentials of Employment Law

This course provides an overview of the important elements of employment law and practical guidance on how to deal with issues that arise at work.


Understanding employment law will help managers to make effective decisions regards to any employment related issues and avoid any unnecessary costs.



To give participants the information they need to make informed and appropriate decisions in relation to employees


Duration 1 day

Course Content

The Relationship of Employer and Employee

Exploring what each party expects from the other either by expressed terms, stated in the contract of employment, or by implied terms, stated in the contract of employment, or by implied terms, e.g. an honest days work for an honest days pay.


The Employment Rights Act and the Employment Act

This will give a basic understanding of both Acts and how they will affect the contract of employment.


The Contract of Employment

This session will give the participants a better understanding of what should be contained within the contract in expressed terms.


Discipline and Grievance

Exploring the way in which companies handle discipline and grievance cases. This session will explore what is deemed fair dismissal from unfair.  It will also consider constructive dismissal and the events that could lead to an employee leaving their place of employment. Participants will have the opportunity to read case studies and discuss possible outcomes.


Discrimination in Employment

This session will cover Sex Discrimination, Disability, Wages, Pregnancy and other forms of discrimination against employees.


Employment Tribunal and Appeals

This session will discuss the right of employees to take their employer to Tribunal if they believe they have been they have been unfairly treated. It will explore some of the tribunal cases over recent years and the decisions made.