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Telesales for Success

Duration 1 day

If you are looking to improve the sales techniques of your people, then this is the course that you are looking for. The trainer’s extensive experience in sales training will ensure that your people will learn how to recognise buying signals, understand the customer transition, learn cold calling techniques, how to deal with objections etc.

In more detail the course agenda covers the following subjects:

Use of the voice, maintaining a positive attitude, do’s and don’ts to aid a professional image and the secret of the seven P’s. The course covers planning and preparation, writing a script, the customer transition and the introduction using the four W’s.

We also look at handling incoming calls, caller behaviours and questioning techniques. The next session covers cold calling and the steps to a sale. Delegates are also shown how to overcome objections, deal with indecision and minimising cancellations via a thorough cement.

Throughout the course subjects covered include recognising the difference between features, advantages and benefits, USP’s and SCA’s. Selling to needs, fact finding and closing techniques all form part of this excellent course.

Course Content

  • Understanding why people buy
  • The customer transition
  • Your best voice
  • Listening skills
  • Planning and preparation
  • Effective opening statements
  • Handling objections
  • Taking incoming calls
  • The steps to a sale
  • Closing techniques