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Project Advanced

Duration 1 day


This course is designed for those who are familiar with the basics but wish to extend their knowledge of the software further


Delegates should have attended the Introductory course or have at least three months experience of working with the software

Course contents

Creating a Project Schedule

  • Entering Task Information
  • Creating and Editing Task Outline
  • Using Task Dependencies
  • Applying Task Constraints
  • Creating Resources and Assigning them to Tasks
  • Making Resource Assignments using Resource Units and Contours
  • Applying Different Task Types
  • Basic Costing Features
  • Creating Project and Resource Calendars
  • Tracking a Project

Tracking Approaches

  • Using Project Baseline to Compare Actuals to Plan
  • Entering the Project Status Date
  • Applying Progress lines to the Gantt Chart
  • Exporting Earned Value Data for Graphing in Excel
  • Delegating Tasks and Soliciting Status Reports from Team Members using email and Web Workgroup Features

Communicating a Project Schedule

  • Moving Elements between Files and the global.mpt for Sharing Formats using the Organiser
  • Formatting Fonts, Bars, Time-scales & Gridlines in the Gantt, Calendar, Sheet and Usage Views
  • Creating Formatting Styles
  • Printing Views and Reports
  • Adding Hyperlinks to a Project File
  • Saving a Project as HTML
  • Saving a full Project into a Database
  • Invoking Desired views, Tables, Filters and Reports to Communicate Project Information
  • Customising Views, Tables, Filters and Reports

Optimising and Co-ordinating Project Schedules

  • Consolidating Multiple Projects using Inserted Projects
  • Creating a Cross-Project Link
  • Creating, Updating and Refreshing a Resource Pool
  • Setting Options to Change Project Schedules Tasks
  • Applying Resource Levels