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PRINCE2® From Theory to Practice

Duration 3 Days (plus some evening work)

Many people learn the popular PRINCE2® project management methodology by attending an exam orientated training course. While this is an excellent way to learn the best practice approach that PRINCE2® adopts, the flexibility and practical implementation of the method is necessarily sidelined. The PRINCE2® to Practice course take up were your exam preparation stopped and will help you to answer the following questions:

  • How do I choose and build my organization? (including a look at people management)
  • In real life should my Business Case.... (including simple Investment Appraisals)
  • How should I implement controls to make sure my project is as robust as possible? (including how to write Strategies and how to handle Risks & Issues)
  • Project Assurance is all very well but how can I use it without breaking the bank?
  • Why is the method so bureaucratic? (it’s not if used properly - we’ll show you how)
  • How can I create a simple plan and is it possible to make sense of product based planning? (Yes you can - we’ll give you some practice!)

You will spend three days in an interactive workshop with two scenarios to develop the tools and techniques to tailor PRINCE2® properly. The course has been designed to allow ample time for practice, discussion and peer review. Much of the time is devoted to the hands-on exercises where you will practice the skills each section describes. Practical work will focus on two projects: a very small one and a larger more complex change. You will consider both scenarios as you perform the exercise thus developing a view of how the method can be tailored to meet the needs of a project. The scenarios will be presented by your Course Tutor and have been designed to evolve in response to the class thus mimicking real life projects. Some evening work may be given by the Course Tutor and it is important to make time to review the class work each evening and reflect on what you have discovered.

Course Content


  • What are we here for?
  • Hello who are we?
  • What have I forgotten? - a quick review of the PRINCE2® method
  • Exercise: Several exercises will be used during the introduction as you recapture what you have previously learned
  • Introduction to the two scenarios:
  • The New Bathroom
  • The Office Move
  • Useful tools for the PM (Summary)
  • Tailoring the Method
  • Exercise: Tailoring the method for the two scenarios
  • Presentation & Feedback

Controlling Your Project

  • Summary & review of controls
  • No meetings???
  • Using Strategies
  • Sorting out Management Stages
  • Controlling Issues & Risks
  • Exercise: Writing Strategies
  • Presentation & Feedback

Practical Business Cases

  • Understanding the Business Case (why it is needed, who is it for)
  • What should I put in: Content in practice
  • Stating and measuring benefits in practice
  • The investment appraisal: Costs, Timescales, Risks & Benefits
  • Exercise: Writing Business Cases
  • Presentation & Feedback

Getting organised

  • Remember the roles?
  • Practical rules
  • Alternatives to the Board - Project Sponsors & Steering Groups
  • Dealing with Board roles
  • Why the Board need Project Assurance but how to make sure it is effective and does not cost an arm and a leg!
  • Selecting & motivating your team - a lightening overview of leadership and people management skills
  • Exercise: Specifying the Team
  • Presentation & Feedback

The care & feeding of Team Managers

  • Checkpoint Reports and other communication channels
  • Tolerance - would you give it to Team Managers?
  • Practical Workpackages
  • Exercise: Writing Workpackages
  • Presentation and Feedback

The Joy of plans

  • What goes in
  • Planning plans
  • A good project plan
  • A great stage plan
  • Yes you do need Product Descriptions - but not as many as you might think, identifying when you need a product description and when you don’t (hands-on Product Based Planning)
  • Exercise: Practical plan creation(includes identifying & creating product descriptions, creating a Project Plan and creating a Stage plan)
  • Presentation & feedback

Wrapping up

  • So what have we achieved?
  • Where do we go from here?

Who is the course suitable for?

This course assumes that attendees are conversant with the PRINCE2® methodology to at least Foundation level. The course is compatible with the 2009 version of the method - attendees who know only earlier versions are advised to study the differences before attending.

This course will not teach you the PRINCE2® method from the ground up but focus on the specific areas that Project Managers usually need to understand practically once they have developed a theoretical understanding of the standard best practice model.

Course Documentation

There is an excellent manual for the method and you will have been given it when you attended your exam training. PRINCE to Practice is focused on your next stage of development so documentation is kept deliberately light as we wish to encourage you to develop and record your own experience applicable to your work environment. You will receive a copy of the slides, exercises and any other material which may be of use to you.


Accredited PRINCE2® training is provided by ChangeAhead FM Ltd, APMG-International Accredited Training Organisation.