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Presentation Skills with Powerpoint

This course will help participants understand how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation. Designed for those involved in giving talks, speeches or presentations to clients, staff, peers or superiors and who have had no formal training previously.

Participants should attend the course with a presentation they wish to develop or improve.  These presentations will be used throughout the day to apply the tools and skills we develop in the workshop. 

At the end of the programme, the participants will leave with a presentation prepared in the new areas of content, OR with a list of action items to make that possible. 



As a result of the training participants will be able to identify the key elements to include in all presentations, understand how to quickly determine audience requirements and adjust their presentations to look tailored to each audience, leaving that audience with the appropriate information and confidence about your professionalism and capabilities. This course will also give delegates the abilities on how to look like an organised, professional organisation with a strategic approach to business. 


Business Benefits

To provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to give effective presentations


Please Note:

Powerpoint will be a practical session to understand the basics and transfer the theory learnt to a Powerpoint presentation.


Each participant will be filmed delivering a presentation.  The video will be played back and feedback provided about strengths and areas to improve, by the presenter themselves, the facilitator, and other participants.  As a result, the next person who delivers should get better and better.  After everyone has delivered their first attempt, we will add challenges, like handling questions, difficult audience reactions, or working in teams where each person will have a chance to work on their presentation again, and deliver again, for additional feedback.  As a result of this format, this day is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. 


Duration 2 days


Course content

Improving Confidence

  • Handling nerves
  • Correct use of body language and posture
  • Handling Questions and Objections



  • Knowing the audience
  • Understanding your USP
  • Structure; beginnings and endings
  • Avoiding misuse of jargon
  • Rehearsing


The Presentation


  • The location
  • Using your voice and the mechanics of speaking
  • Use of visual aids
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Dealing with questions



  • Using Powerpoint to produce a presentation – basic skills and principles



  • Creating a presentation that is alive, confident and professional
  • How to check, when to check and what to check for in presentations
  • Delivering as a team