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Patient and Client First

Duration 1 day


There has recently been a heightened public awareness across the healthcare sector for the need to raise patient care standards.  Whether private of public sector, it is vital to position your organisation correctly to ensure you can provide the highest quality patient care.  All staff have a duty to treat every patient, visitor and anyone calling a surgery, GP Practice, Hospital or Healthcare organisation as valued customer.


This highly interactive and practical course is designed to help all frontline staff to strengthen their communication and service skills and will also help delegates gain an awareness of the impact that poor communication and service has on a commercial business.


On completion of this course, delegates will have the skills and a clear plan on how they can work on their own and team skills to increase patient and client satisfaction levels within their own individual roles, their departments and throughout the organisation.


Course Content



Delivering Excellent Customer Care

  • Who are our “customers”?
  • The principles of customer care
  • The consequences of delivering a poor or excellent service


The Right Attitude

  • The organisation’s culture
  • Skills, behaviour and attitudes


Key Elements of Communication

  • Face to face contact
  • Body language – signals and meanings
  • First Impressions
  • Using your Voice
  • Tone, Volume, Speed, Pitch
  • Words – Developing a Positive Vocabulary


Questioning Techniques

  • How and when to use Open and Closed questions


Active Listening

  • Techniques to demonstrate listening
  • Barriers to effective Listening




Professional Telephone Techniques

  • Handling calls effectively
  • Telephone frustrations and how to avoid them



  • Identifying communication styles
  • Understanding the effect of your communication style on others
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Building rapport


Handling challenging situations and complaints

  • Being assertive and taking control
  • Tips on de-escalating potential conflict



  • Delegates will participate in a “Quick Quiz” at the end of the session


Individual Action Plans

Delegates will identify key actions to implement back in the workplace, and these will be reviewed with the appropriate manager after three months