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Outlook - An Efficient Use of Time


Participants will have an Outlook account. If participants have remote access to their Outlook Account they are invited to bring their laptop and access their account during the training for practical application



Improved organisation, time management, communication and task management through use of Outlook



Participants will learn how to compose and send messages using Outlook, read and reply to messages, and create folders to store messages in, use the Calendar, Tasks, Contact, Journal and Notes features.


Duration 1 day


Course Content


  • Using Help
  • Outlook Today
  • The Outlook Bar – customizing, shortcuts, resizing


Working with Messages

  • Reading, Replying and Forwarding Messages
  • Deleting and Printing Messages
  • Creating and Sending Messages
  • Retrieving Messages
  • Voting
  • Message Sensitivity, Priority, Voting and flags
  • Spell Checking
  • Formatting Message Text and Paragraphs
  • Adding Saving, Previewing Attachments


Mail Management

  • Quick Steps
  • Organising Messages in Folders
  • Creating / Deleting Folders
  • Saving and Finding Messages
  • Junk email
  • To create, delete and rename a Group



  • Adding, Deleting and Creating Names for  the Address Book
  • Using Personal Distribution Lists
  • Changing the General Options
  • Working with Views, Filters and Rules
  • Permissions
  • Forms



  • Selecting and Moving Time Slots
  • Scheduling Appointments and Events
  • Sharing, Publishing and Merging Calendars
  • Calendar snapshots
  • Arranging/Inviting People to Meetings
  • Calendar Groups



  • Creating, Sorting and Prioritising Tasks
  • Setting Recurring Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks to others
  • Calendar and Task Integration
  • To do Bar



  • Creating and editing notes
  • Combining notes to work alongside other Outlook facilities
  • Setting Notes Defaults



  • Creating Contacts
  • Using Contacts
  • Electronic Business cards