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Implementing and Maintaining SQL Server

Duration 5 days


A working knowledge of Windows Server, Active Directory and Basic Networking.

Course Content

Unit 1: SQL Server 2008 installation

Topic A: SQL Server features
Topic B: SQL Server installation
Topic C: Alternative installations

Unit 2: SQL Server Management tools

Topic A: SQL Server 2008 services
Topic B: Management tools
Topic C: SQL Server settings
Topic D: Database Mail

Unit 3: Database Management

Topic A: SQL Server data storage
Topic B: Database Management
Topic C: Capacity planning and management

Unit 4: Data Design

Topic A: The data design process
Topic B: Table and data design
Topic C: Data Normalization
Topic D: Data types

Unit 5: Tables, constraints and indexes

Topic A: Objects
Topic B: Tables and constraints
Topic C: Indexes

Unit 6: Data retrieval

Topic A: Queries
Topic B: Transact-SQL functions
Topic C: Data Organization
Topic D: Multiple table queries
Topic E: Data modification
Topic F: Query Designer

Unit 7: Data Management

Topic A: Multiple language support
Topic B: Full-text search
Topic C: Partitions
Topic D: Error handling
Topic E: Transactions and locking
Topic F: Triggers

Unit 8: Data transfers

Topic A: Bulk transfers
Topic B: SQL Server 2008 Integration
Topic C: XML import and export

Unit 9: SQL Server security

Topic A: Principles
Topic B: Server securables
Topic C: Database and schema securables
Topic D: SQL auditing
Topic E: Encryption
Topic F: CLR security

Unit 10: Management and Maintenance

Topic A: SQL Server Agent
Topic B: Distributed queries
Topic C: Replication

Unit 11: SQL Server optimization

Topic A: Monitoring and optimization
Topic B: Database optimization
Topic C: Database tune-ups
Topic D: Query optimization concepts

Unit 12: Reliability and availability

Topic A: Database backup
Topic B: Database restore
Topic C: Log shipping
Topic D: Database snapshots
Topic E: Mirrored databases

Unit 13: Applications

Topic A: Service Broker
Topic B: HTTP endpoints

Unit 14: Troubleshooting and repair

Topic A: Blocks and deadlocks
Topic B: SQL Server error
Topic C: Recovery