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ILM Leadership, Management and Team Leader Development

Adapt has a range of ILM courses available, which include:

Level 2 - Award in Leadership and Team Skills
Level 2 - Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills
Level 3 - Award in Leadership and Management
Level 3 - Certificate in Leadership and Management
Level 3 - Certificate in Principles of Leadership

The Essential Tools for Manager ILM Development Programme
Practical Project Management ILM Development Programme
Executive Presentations ILM Development Programme

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) - is in the UK the leading awarding body for management and leadership education, offering the widest and most flexible range of ILM Courses, ILM Training and qualifications available. As an ILM centre based in Ipswich, East Anglia, we deliver flexible, practically-focused ILM courses and qualifications, covering a unique and broad range of disciplines. ILM courses and qualifications have a well-founded reputation for quality and adaptability, enabling you to gain targeted solutions for you and your learners.

ILM leadership and management programmes are chosen by more employers than those accredited by any other awarding body. That is because the courses focus squarely on what people actually do in their jobs and provide the skills and knowledge needed to perform to the highest standards

Each ILM course qualification is made up of individual units, some of which are mandatory (covering critical aspects of the role) and some are optional. This flexibility to choose units enables organisations and individuals to focus on the areas of management and coaching most relevant to their specific role or industry needs. Every unit is designed, assessed and quality assured to the highest national standards.

These ILM course qualifications are designed to meet the needs of managers, team leaders and coaches at different levels and with different responsibilities, authority and spans of control.

Why Choose Adapt for your ILM Training Courses?

Adapt Limited, based in Ipswich, Suffolk, have a 100% pass rate track record of candidates passing their ILM courses and qualifications at the first attempt and have been an accredited ILM Centre for several years ensuring that you get an experienced provider delivering your ILM Training.

Why not talk to us about how your organisation can benefit from the European market leader in leadership and management courses and qualifications.

ILM Endorsed Award/Development Award
Endorsed Award - What is this?

An ILM Endorsed Award is a programme designed and delivered by Adapt (as an ILM-recognised provider), and approved by ILM. The ILM course programme will be of not less than TEN hours’ duration, be based on general or specific areas of management and/or leadership, coaching/mentoring or enterprise, and aim to enhance or develop the knowledge and/or skills of managers/leaders/coaches/mentors/entrepreneurs within your own organisations. The title of the programme must reflect accurately this management, leadership or enterprise content and context.

No indication of programme ‘level’ is normally provided, though the duration of the programme (within one of three bands) is indicated on the award document.

The ILM course programme must also include some form of participant assessment. This assessment should clearly relate to, or reflect, the objectives of the participant’s organisation, so that the organisation draws direct benefits from the programme.
Development Award - What is this?

This is largely the same as an Endorsed Award, except that participant assessment is NOT
required, and NO indication of programme duration appears on the ILM Award document.