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Helping you retain your new skills

Helping you retain your new skills

- long after the learning event


What is the point of investing in any new learning or development if the moment the activity finishes, everyone returns to their old behaviour?  There is no point - which is why we have introduced a skills retention support package. 


This means we don’t just disappear when the participants leave the room, but we continue to support you, your managers, and staff, long after the training course has finished.


Learning new skills is a process not an event and although the learning event will be beneficial, the real impact will take place over time back in the workplace once the new skills are embedded and which have been aligned to the goals and objectives of the organisation.


To make the application of the learning effective, Adapt has developed a system of support that helps to drive the change rather than just providing a training solution, and which is a carefully designed system which contributes to your success.


Since we started implementing the retention support programme, our own client retention rates have gone up to 93%. When asked why Adapt has become their development and training provider of choice, the answer is always – ‘Adapt gets the results we need’.