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Essential Tools For Managers and Team Leaders

Duration 2 days

Team Leaders/Supervisors/First Line Managers are the critical foundation for the successful operation of most corporations. This course has been designed to give them the skills to manage the performance of themselves and others.

This course will clarify the responsibilities of the role of a manager and leader and successful techniques for building and motivating a team will be introduced. Delegates will learn styles of management and when and how to use them and structures for delegating and correcting employee performance will be identified and practiced.

The course will review critical communication skills and discuss their application in daily management tasks. Interviewing and selecting staff and setting objectives for performance monitoring and evaluation will be reviewed.

This highly interactive and practical course will include case studies, exercises and discussions about the daily supervisory and management challenges of the delegates.

Course Objectives -

  • Examine SMARTER objectives as vital for successful achievement of any objectives
  • Explore the importance of empowering teams to make decisions
  • Explain how empowerment is important for motivation and engagement
  • Assess the differences between leadership and management
  • Discuss how leadership aids motivation and engagement of teams
  • Identify where participants own team is in its development stage
  • Decide on the plan of action for participants own team to improve performance
  • Develop matrix of important –v- urgent issues pending
  • Assess the importance of Performance Management and the Performance Management process
  • How to prepare and conduct appraisals
  • Consider the techniques for dealing with poor performance, giving feedback and dealing with conflict,
  • Evaluate delegation techniques – how, when, what
  • Apply motivation theories to actual situations
  • Examine the barriers to communication and effective communication techniques
  • Write individual action plans to provide a reminder and motivation to implement what has been learned to their role as a manager or supervisor

Course Content -

Dynamic Leadership

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Your role in the organisation
  • Managing up and down
  • Leadership styles and when to use them
  • Building a world beating team
  • What motivates you and your staff

Personal Skills for Successful Supervisors

  • Learning through listening
  • The power of questions
  • Effective meetings
  • Barriers to communication
  • Solving problems and making decisions
  • Organising time
  • Assertiveness

The Daily Tasks

  • Delegating effectively
  • Positively correcting performance
  • Handling discipline when necessary
  • Setting objectives and performance management
  • Personal Action Planning for Self Development

This 2-day course is limited to 12 participants maximum