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Essential Skills for Project Management - Local Authority

Duration 2 days

This two day programme is designed for project managers and other staff with project responsibilities. It will examine project management within the specific context and constraints of local authorities and give delegates a structured yet flexible array of skills to manage projects and lead them to a successful conclusion.

Programme Outline

  • The Project Management Process within the Authority’s Strategy and Programmes for Change
  • The Leadership of the Project and the roles and relationships of Project Board, Sponsor and Project Manager
  • The Project Life Cycle – A Structured Approach and Use of the Project Assurance Framework
  • Delivering the Project’s Objectives as outlined in the Business Case & Project Initiation Document
  • Organising the Project - Project Scope and the Assessment and Management of Risk
  • Planning the Project - Who, What and When
  • Using the Project management Tool –Kit
  • Planning and resource management tools
  • Estimating techniques
  • Documentation and the Assurance Framework
  • Delivering the Project on Target
  • Managing Scope Creep
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Managing the Project Team
  • Solving Problems
  • The Skills of Project Management with reference to working across teams and across authority, agency or other key stakeholders
  • Leading the Project – the Project team working together to deliver the project
  • Bringing projects to a successful conclusion
  • Reviewing the project and using review to promote a virtuous cycle of success, lessons learned and embedded good practice to enhance project management success within the authority