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Communication Skills

Duration 1 day

Successful communication is the foundation of all successful business. Meeting objectives starts with communicating those objectives. Meeting the needs of our internal and external customer’s starts with understanding what they are trying to say, implementing tasks requires someone to communicate them effectively.

This one-day course has been designed for those who need to focus on being able to deliver clear messages that are easily understood by the receiver. The overriding objective for delegates to develop the skills to be able to communicate clearly and confidently; develop rapport with, and respect from, peers, subordinates and superiors to ensure that communication enhances, not obstructs business success.

Course Content

Self Awareness – Giving feedback

  • Identify a range of verbal and non-verbal factors which affect others; assessing personal strengths, waknesses and opportunities

Communicating Style – Communicating with Confidence

  • Understanding the process; preferred style; using style effectively; assessing your style

The Communication Chain

  • Upward, downward and lateral communication; failures in the chain

Communication Techniques – Passing on Information

  • Conveying ideas and information effectively; clarity and brevity; building rapport and trust; dealing with misunderstandings; effective questioning; active and effective listening

Positive Messages

  • The importance of positive messages; confidence and positive beliefs

Selecting Appropriate Methods of Communication

  • Face-to-Face, on the telephone, email, letters