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Achieving Assertive Leadership

Duration 1 day

No one listens to you just because you are a manager! It can be so frustrating and that frustration can lead to aggressive responses – or just giving up!

This course gives managers an understanding of the differences in Assertiveness, Aggression and Passive responses and how to consciously use the right response in the right situations.

Delegates will learn how to build their own confidence and be more comfortable in their role of authority.

They will have the opportunity to build confidence in the team and improve interpersonal relationships.

They will also be taught effective ways of managing conflict and how to reduce stress and frustration levels and improve collaborative decision making and problem solving.

Course Content

  • Behaviour and Attitude 
  • The Behaviour/Attitude Cycle
  • Recognising the effects of behaviour
  • Being Assertive – Not Aggressive
  • Assertive Management – Delegating and Correcting Performance
  • Communication skills - questioning, listening, tonality, inflection 
  • Assertive Body Language
  • Managing Senior Managers Assertively
  • Turning Around Difficult Situations and People
  • Saying No!
  • Learn how to negotiate WIN WIN solutions