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Word Introduction 2007

Duration 1 day

Designed for

Those who have little or no previous knowledge of using a computerised word processing software program and are intending to use Microsoft Word in order to produce documents


Delegates should have used a mouse and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows

Course Aims

This course will provide delegates with the skills required in order to produce, edit, print and enhance appearance of documents. Delegates will learn quick ‘tips and tricks’ and also practice the use of key features and their benefits in different situations. By the end of the course, delegates will also be aware of the intricacies of when, and how to use tabs and/or indents which are commonly the most confusing aspect of getting to grips with Word in the initial stages

Course content

  • The Word Environment
  • Using The Help Feature
  • Navigating Documents with Mouse Or Keyboard
  • Enhancing Text with Font Tab & Mini Toolbar
  • Inserting And Deleting Page Breaks & Blank Pages
  • Opening, Saving And Closing Documents
  • Selecting Text With The Mouse Or Keyboard
  • Paragraph Alignment and Spacing
  • Using Format Painter
  • Deleting And Inserting Text
  • Undo And Redo Features
  • Inserting, Changing and Deleting Tabs (Including Leaders)
  • Inserting Symbols
  • Using The Highlighter
  • Introduction To Automatic Numbers And Bullets
  • Spelling And Grammar Checking
  • Using Synonyms / Thesaurus / Research
  • Cut, Copy And Paste
  • Zoom Magnification
  • Page Layouts (Margins And Orientation)
  • Printing Options

Additional Items – Time Allowing

  • Line Spacing
  • Borders
  • Changing Case
  • Different Views