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Prioritising Time for Managers

Duration 1 day

This one-day course has been designed for all executives who have responsibility for other people and who can influence their own use of time.

The objective of this course is to teach delegates techniques for long-term and short-term personal planning which will help them to work effectively under pressure and get results, by means of discussions, questionnaires, videos, practical exercises, as well as trainer input.

Course Content

  • How to identify your key personal goals and critical activities
  • How to make sure you spend your time doing the right things
  • How to promote clear effective thinking
  • How to use a Task List for self-organisation
  • How to handle paperwork and avoid information overload on e-mail systems
  • How to plan your extra busy days using a Daily Action Plan
  • How to survive interruptions and work under pressure
  • How to minimise wasted time
  • How to delegate effectively – the right task for the right person
  • The importance of making time investments now to save time in the future
  • How to run efficient decision centred meetings