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Less Stress, More Stress-Free

Duration 1 day

Stress has become something of a silent epidemic within the workplace over the past few years. Each year over 180 million working days are lost. The cost of this to industry has been put at £7 billion.

It is time to take a pro-active approach, one in which employees accept responsibility for their own health and learn to recognise the symptoms of negative or excessive stress, as well as the positive side of stress. After all the only non-stressed person is a dead one!

This workshop uses exercises and charts to build up your own personal stress profile, to find where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and show how you respond to different kinds of stress – what you find stimulating and what is a challenge.

Delegates will also learn what stress really is, whether or not they are prone to stress, how to deal with other people, and ways in which to change their lifestyle.

At the end of this workshop delegates will be able to take action to improve the quality of stress in their lives, learn to react positively to stressful situations and find the energy to handle the many demands of modern life.

Course content

What is stress?

  • Exploring perceptions
  • Defining stress
  • Responses to pressure
  • How do you react under pressure?
  • The fight or flight syndrome
  • Achieving the right balance

Are you stress prone?

  • Life events
  • Your personality type
  • Messages from the past
  • Shoulds and oughts
  • Messages for the future

Dealing with people

  • Ways of behaving
  • Being aggressive
  • Being manipulative
  • Being passive
  • Being assertive
  • Saying No
  • Handling criticism
  • Managing anger

Changing your lifestyle

  • Making best use of your time
  • Are you a couch potato
  • Dealing with personal tension
  • Comfort eating
  • Balance and stability