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Persuasive Selling - Developing Techniques to Win Business

Duration 1 day

Telesales personnel are responsible for selling services and products over the phone; and selling on the telephone is one skill area in which you never stop learning.

Virtually everybody in sales sells over the phone at least some of the time, so we must constantly evaluate our telephone sales techniques. Telesales can supplement, enhance and sometimes replace other means of marketing and selling, and can have a dramatic impact on increasing your bottom line if performed efficiently and correctly. This course has been developed to enhance delegate’s communication, persuasion and negotiation skills so that every sales call and potential prospect is maximised for success.

If you are looking to improve the sales techniques of your people, then this is the course that you are looking for. The trainer’s extensive experience in sales training will ensure that your people will learn how to recognise buying signals, understand the customer transition, how to deal with objections, but most importantly will learn how and when to ask for the business.

Course Content

  • Understanding why people buy
  • The customer transition
  • Your best voice
  • Listening skills
  • Handling objections
  • The steps to a sale
  • Recognising Buying Signals
  • Closing techniques