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Managing the Anger Habit

Duration 1 day

Many managers benefit from a look at themselves and the nature of anger. They can learn to turn around their behaviour and handle situations and themselves differently. But some want to make a real difference quickly, because they see the cost of their anger in their relationships or career.

This course is designed to give a programme that changes behaviour and habits over the course of a month. The real results are obvious to delegates and those with whom they work.

This two day course is designed to ensure the Anger Habit of mangers is changed. It requires attendees to collect examples of their anger for one week prior to attending the course. These examples are used as working scenarios during the 1st day of the course. In the intervening two weeks they will be given a schedule of techniques to try daily, and will be asked to record their progress. These experiences will be used in the second day of the course. Pre and post course reading is required.

This course is highly interactive and taught by a management professional with 27 years experience, who herself turned around a problem with anger in management.

Course Content

Day 1

The Nature of Anger

  • The Shoulds
  • Mind Reading
  • Collecting Straws
  • Who is Right
  • The Secondary Gain

Dissecting My Anger

  • Experience analysis
  • Anger scenarios

The cost of Anger

  • Who is the victim
  • Professional Costs
  • Personal Costs

Avoiding Anger

  • Identifying Triggers
  • Rating your Triggers
  • Create a Trigger Card
  • Using the Card

Coping Mechanisms

  • Dissolving Anger
  • Relaxation
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Problem Solving
  • Better Communication
  • Using Humour
  • Changing Your Environment

The two week plan

  • Daily Activities
  • Keeping a Record

Day 2

Review and Assignment Analysis

  • Anger Scenarios
  • What would Happen
  • Types of Behaviour

Visions of Success

  • Achieving Outcomes
  • Benefits of Results

Role Playing and Skill Enhancement