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MCDST: Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician

Duration 5 days


The aim of the MCDST programme is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to assist a candidate achieve this qualification.

Candidates will perform a mixture of guided self-study, hands-on experimentation, theory, and exam practice.
Candidates are supported inside and outside of the classroom by means of custom written study guides and an e-mail mentoring service.


A five day classroom based workshop where candidates will learn exam topics in a hands-on environment.
Each Candidate will have their own test computer which will be part of a fully configured network mimicking a typical commercial Microsoft based LAN.

Candidates will install and configure Windows XP into a domain, will install Microsoft Office 2003 onto their computers, and finally investigate the management, troubleshooting and configuration of both areas.


Delegates require basic familiarity with a Microsoft Network, with 6 months experience working on Windows networks.
Delegates should have a working knowledge of:

How to set up TCP/IP
Basic IP configuration (e.g. have used “IPCONFIG” and “PING”)
The Windows XP interface and navigation ( eg how to open “Control Panel” and how to use a mouse)
The basics of network log-on

Delegates will learn how to:

- Configure Microsoft Office applications and resolve usability issues
- Customise applications by configuring OS settings 
- Set up and support Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 
- Troubleshoot applications with connectivity issues and resolve end-user questions 
- Manage security permissions and settings, apply updates
- Perform and troubleshoot an installation or upgrade 
- Troubleshoot access to files, folders, and print devices 
- Configure and troubleshoot hardware devices, including storage, display, and I/O devices 
- Troubleshoot the desktop and user environment
- Configure user and group accounts, and troubleshoot local security settings
- Troubleshoot local and remote network connectivity
- Optimise system performance

Workshop topics will include:

MCDST Supporting Users & Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Windows XP -

- Introduction to desktop support
- Resolving a service call
- Troubleshooting the operating system
- Outlook & Outlook Express
- Supporting Internet Explorer
- Installing office applications
- Troubleshooting office applications
- Security
- Protecting the computer
- Resolving issues with locally attached devices

MCDST Supporting Users & Troubleshooting a Windows XP Operating System

- Introduction
- Installing Windows XP
- Supporting local users & groups
- Supporting the windows desktop
- Supporting Windows XP file & folder access
- Installing hardware
- Supporting display devices
- Managing local & network printers
- Network connectivity
- Internet Explorer
- System performance