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Executive Presentation Skills ILM Development Programme

Duration 2 days  (12 Guided Learning Hours)


This two-day programme is designed to help aspiring managers, team leaders, supervisors and first line managers understand how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation.

The programme is designed for those involved in giving talks, speeches or presentations to clients, staff, peers or superiors and who have had no formal training in preparing and giving presentations.


To provide delegates with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to give effective presentations


Delegates will be able to -

  • Set aims and objectives for their presentations
  • Analyse the audience’s background, previous knowledge and needs in order to tailor the presentation content and style
  • Prepare the presentation venue
  • Use appropriate visual aids to support the presentation content
  • Follow the five step preparation model incorporating brainstorming, selection and structure, illustration, opening and closing, and speaker notes
  • Use techniques for overcoming nerves and building confidence
  • Plan and deliver a brief presentation and receive feedback
  • Demonstrate appropriate body language and vocal style of delivery
  • Build rapport with the audience to encourage interaction where appropriate
  • Deal with audience questions

Programme content

Improving Confidence

  • Handling nerves
  • Correct use of body language and posture


  • Knowing the audience
  • Structure; beginnings and endings
  • Avoiding misuse of jargon
  • Rehearsing

The Presentation

  • The location
  • Using your voice and the mechanics of speaking
  • Use of visual aids
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Dealing with questions

*ILM Development Programme

All participants on ILM Development programme benefit from free support, information, networking and advice with ILM studying membership for the during of the programme or a minimum of six months. On completion of the course, they receive a certificate from ILM, recognising and celebrating their learning and achievement.

ILM recognition adds value to management training programmes, and showcases the calibre of staff development within your organisation. Customers and stakeholders can see at a glance that your managers are developed to ILM’s benchmark, validating your investment in talent.