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Equality and Diversity

This course will highlight potential issues (through case-studies and discussion) to promote the advantages to organisations that recognise the importance of the diverse human resource for competitive advantage.



Organisations will be better protected against Discrimination and avoid serious issues escalating



Participants will understand Equal Opportunity issues to gain a better understanding of the value of diversity at work. 


Duration 1 day


Course Content


  • What does Equality & Diversity mean in the business environment - develop an understanding of cultural awareness and how to approach diversity within the work environment. How does diversity differ from Equal Opportunities?


  • Exploring Values, Beliefs, Assumption & Stereotyping - Why do we have prejudices and what is discrimination?


  • The Law - Exploring the laws that make discrimination unlawful and open to prosecution.


  • Discrimination - Identifying what is Direct, Indirect, Genuine Occupational Qualification & Positive Action.  Case studies using different scenarios.


  • What is meant by bullying, harassment & victimisation?


  • Dealing with negative behaviour - What is it?  How can we prevent other people's behaviour affecting the way in which we deal with them?


  • The responsibilities of a Manager - What style of management are you using?  Are you autocratic or democratic?  Do you tell your staff what to do or delegate responsibility and accountability?  Why it is important for manager's to identify their own behaviour when dealing with staff.


  • The Affects of Negative Behaviour - Do you have many cases of long term sick?  Are you losing good staff?  Do you regularly monitor performance, conduct and behaviour? If not, do you realise that Vicarious Liability applies to you whether you are aware of other people's behaviour or not?


  • Action Planning