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About Us

Our story

In 1989 our founder and current Managing Director, Sharon Abbott, had a vision to create an IT training company in Ipswich delivering quality and the kind of levels of service that were being offered by the large training houses in London.  At that time, there were a significant number of large blue-chip organisations and head quarters of companies based in Ipswich and surrounding areas, that were sending their staff to London for training or inviting trainers from the capital to Suffolk.

Sharon wanted to give them an alternative choice.

Due to huge success and a long envied list of clients, the original company, which was named Bentek Training Services, evolved into the all round training consultancy that it is today, albeit under the new name (renamed in 2006) of Adapt Limited.

Adapt Limited are an established boutique training consultancy and still based in Ipswich, Suffolk.  Our specialism is in helping other businesses and organisations achieve their corporate and main business goals and objectives through the development of staff, managers and senior executives.

Why Adapt?

What gives Adapt their main edge is that since the beginning, all the events are meticulously planned so that delegates’ requirements and abilities are considered and woven into the formation and running of the event. During the past 14 years, over 100,000 individuals representing 1,700 organisations have benefitted from Adapt’s care and attention and also our proven 3-step systematic approach: 

adopt – adapt – apply

adopt - the course content is best practice methods and most up-to-date techniques

adapt - your situation is then used to adapt and customise the skills to your company industry

apply - we then apply the customised skills to real situations in your company

Delegates develop practical, job specific strategies to ensure their training and development is easy to implement and transfer to their own workplace.

The story behind our name

From our roots of only delivering IT end-user and technical training in 1989, over the years the company expanded the range of training and development by employing and engaging individuals with specific talents.  In this evolving process, the company also naturally branched into training support areas, such as coaching, psychometric testing, and consultancy.  It was felt that the name no longer reflected the business nature or future aspirations and so in 2006 was rebranded to Adapt Limited, Adapt standing for application, development and people training.


Adapt also practices what they preach and in 2009 won the distinguished 10-year Investors in People award for outstanding in-house staff development; have been awarded Microsoft Certified Partner status for the previous 14 consecutive years proving their technical competency in IT, are an ILM fully approved training centre offering accredited qualifications and stamping their ability in providing accredited management development and bespoke solutions.